hey, welcome to the property playbook

We exist to help you every step of the way on your journey to home ownership. 

Our story began when Amy slid into Victoria's DM's on Instagram (as all good love stories do... right?) and now we're a podcast, course and online community of literally thousands of people. 

Amy and Victoria started following each other on Instagram and immediately clicked. After a few six plus hour dinners, and a few too many Yuzu Spritzers they knew they had found a special friendship, with many shared interest in property, empowering millennials to get into the market and education. As time went on, Amy helped Victoria secure her first property and once that process was completed they both just knew that they needed to create something special together. 

And so the property playbook was born...

Now we're a podcast with thousands of weekly listeners, a property course designed to get you into the market the right way, and an online community of thousands of people who share their property tips, tricks and journey's for you to learn from. Wild!

amy lunardi's been involved in over 1,000 property transactions, negotiations and auctions, so it's fair to say she knows property like the back of her hand. 

Not only has she got the experience, she's also got the qualifications to boot - Amy is a Licensed Real Estate Agent and Qualified Property Investment Advisor (QPIA), She holds a Certificate IV in Property Services AND a double Bachelor degree in Commerce & Arts from the University of Melbourne (Economics), and modules of the Masters of Property (University of Melbourne).. Cough, over achiever... cough. 

Talking the talk is important, but walking the walk is even more so, and boy has she done some walking! Amy owns five properties across Melbourne, has project managed renovations on her investment properties and home, and has worked on property developments with her husband - who wouldn't want her front and centre on their property buying journey?!

Award winning Financial Adviser, Best Selling Author, Founder of She's on the Money, Podcaster and mamma to multiple pets

When it comes to all things money, budgeting and saving - Victoria Devine is going to be your best friend. She knows you, because she is you. She prioritises her morning oat milk lattes, and spending time with her two cats, Bailey and Henry, and her sheepadoodle Lucy - and she's recently bought her very first home.  

And now she's going to help you buy yours.

Victoria is going to help you take the reigns of your life so you can start working towards those exciting goals ahead. There's no such thing as a dream too big, and she's going to equip you with every spreadsheet, activity, video and kind word you need to keep moving even when things seem tough. 

Welcome home

Victoria was also named as one of forbe's 2021 30 under 30 honourees, fancy!

all about


Straight talk,
big goals,
short emails, 
 and helping you achieve your goals


not about

bandaid fixes,
restrictive budgets,
the word "moist",
that hustle game

Go on, create a plan to flourish

"A goal without a plan is simply just a wish".

Start your journey, with the right team behind you today. 



Whether you're saving for your first property, or you're in the process of planning your sixth development, recruit the right people to have on your team and help to hold your hand throughout the journey.